Organic, unique and vegan friendly

Our Smoked Organic Nuts and Seeds are an organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free snack with no E numbers, additives or any added oils or fats, they are so versatile and can also be used with a variety of different foods to make your favorite recipe a little more different.

They are smoked with a blend of the wood of the Herefordshire Apple and Oak and with other closely guarded ingredients, giving each individual variety of Nut and Seed a unique taste and aroma. The recipe follows exact criteria and all products are smoked by hand in small batches.

All of our products are Gluten Free and suitable for Vegetarians

Wils smokehouse has been a growing concern in Herefordshire since its conception 16 years ago, with skills that have been built up over many years smoking all types of foods. It has taken some time to perfect the recipes and wood mix and the final blend of herbs and spices is derived from an 1847 recipe the details of which are closely guarded. Suffice to say a number of ingredients have been changed due to them being no longer allowed in the food industry. We took a decision to become organic , vegetarian and gluten free in 2004.

We marinate and smoke the produce that are the backbone of our business,smoked organic marinated sunflower and pumpkin seeds,other products followed on, for example smoked garlic, oil, salts, and paprika, with other products, and we are still bringing new products onto the market place.

The method of production uses a cold smoke method, where fine sawdust such as oak , walnut and apple are burnt outside the smokehouse, with the resulting smoke piped into the smokehouse which perminates around the products, this keeps the temperature lower and makes the whole process more controlled. The smokehouse is now blackened by years of continual use, but when the doors are opened after a few days smoking, out flows a warm unmistakable aroma.

This gives a small insight to Wils smokehouse, an artisan producer in Herefordshire.